Progressive Guitar Method Book 2 Intermediate and CD

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The Progressive Guitar Method ia a series of books designed to take the Guitar player from a beginner level through to a professional standard of playing. All books are carefully graded, lesson by lesson methods which assume no prior knowledge on you behalf. Within the series all styles and techniques of Guitar playing are covered, including reading music, playing chords and rhythms, lead guitar and fingerpicking. The accompanying CD lets you hear how each tune in the book should sound. Book 2 will teach you the most important keys and scales used in music today. You will learn how to read chords in note form, together with the study of bass note picking, bass note runs, chord runs, chords, hammer-ons and flick-offs. You will study more advanced timing, including sixteenth notes, dotted eighth notes, triplets and syncopation. In theory you will learn major and minor scale construction, key signatures, modulation, musical forms, simple and compound time, scale tone chords and transposing. All of this information will be vital to your development and understanding of music.

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